Training Programme

Foreign Language Course

Surf Language is a Full Immersion Surf&Study holiday. In the morning you will be engaged in studying foreign language with our mother tongue teachers. In the afternoon you can practice Surfing and improve the learning of foreign language thanks to our native speaking Surf Coaches.

Our stays in Europe and Haweaii are dedicated to students over the age of +14. You will enjoy language learning by working in small groups based on a common level of linguistic knowledge according to parameters A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2.

Our STUDY HOLIDAYS in Europe will take place in the following Ocean locations:

COURSE DURATION: 2 weeks (5 days / 7)
LANGUAGE LEVEL: You will be assessed at the beginning on the skills A1A2, B1B2, C1C2.
TEACHERS: certified language schools with native teachers.

*Teaching materials will be included.

Course Content

  1. Study of grammar at more difficulty levels
  2. Vocabulary
  3. Understanding the text
  4. Written and oral texts re-elaboration and quick collection of notes
  5. Spoken language and public speaking

Wave Surfing Course

Wave Surfing courses will take place at the venues of our Federal Surf Schools, located in the following locations:

- Galles Porthcawhl
- France Biscarosse
- Spain Somo

COURSE DURATION: 2 weeks (5 days / 7)
COURSE TIMES: afternoon based on tidal conditions. Didactic material and equipment: included.
LEVELS OF COURSES: Beginners. Intermediate. Advanced.
SURF TEACHERS: Federal schools & mother tongue instructors.

Sessions are delivered in local language by native language instructors with an in-depth study of the Surfing. Courses are targeted at practitioners of all levels and balanced depending on the physical preparation of each student.